vets, vetting, vetted
1) N-COUNT A vet is someone who is qualified to treat sick or injured animals. [mainly BRIT]
(in AM, usually use veterinarian)
2) N-COUNT: oft supp N A vet is someone who has served in the armed forces of their country, especially during a war. [AM, INFORMAL]

The New England Shelter in Boston will serve Christmas dinner for 200 vets...

All three are Vietnam vets.

3) VERB If something is vetted, it is checked carefully to make sure that it is acceptable to people in authority. [mainly BRIT]

[be V-ed] He can find no trace of a rule requiring research to be vetted before publication...

[be V-ed] All objects are vetted by a distinguished panel of experts...

[V n] He had not been allowed to read any book until his mother had vetted it.

4) VERB: usu passive If someone is vetted, they are investigated fully before being given a particular job, role, or position, especially one which involves military or political secrets. [BRIT]

[be V-ed] She was secretly vetted before she ever undertook any work for me...

[be V-ed] People who marry into the Royal Family will have to be vetted much more carefully in future.

Derived words:
vetting N-UNCOUNT

The government is to make major changes to the procedure for carrying out security vetting.

English dictionary. 2008.

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